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"2012 ReBlazed"
2012 BlazeWright Records: Recorded At Blaze Wright Studio
(Thanks to Krusty's recent involvement in Lazy D's conception of live music,Re-Blazed was incorporated to provide potential followers a proper representation of the newly enhanced live show. It consists of old school fan favorites completely redone without compromising any of the original composition’s integrity.Songs were
remixed by affiliates of the original version and designed to represent a place in history.)

"Hot Shit" by River City Ransom (Lazy's all Rap Project)
2011 BlazeWright Records: Recorded At Blaze Wright Studio
(Surely most people wonder what type of hooligans Lazy Ass Destroyer wanders around with while committing his self-proclaimed debauchery and other intimate stylings at Whack Studio. If you
are one of them, River City Ransom's first release (appropriately titled Hot Shit) should answer some of your questions and make you question why you asked in the first place.
River City Ransom's Hot Shit combines tomato soup Grill Cheese flows and the steamed broccoli mind of Sket Brock along side Lazy Ass Destroyer's usual daily antics. Hide your beat.)

"Bump" Ep
2011 Whack Off Records: Produced By Spliff
(After years of false fruition and futility, dismemberment convincingly fell upon the Lazy Ass Destroyer and Spliff. Whack’s 2011 release of the Lazy Ass Destroyer’s Bump EP administers termination to a collection of classics. Determination is disregarded
during roughly twenty six and a half minutes.)

"Cheech Mob"
Cincinnati Hip Hop
(Random Compilations of an All Star Line Up of Hip Hop Artists, including Lazy D and his partners in River City Ransom.)